Teacher Sets Out on Philanthropic Mission to Support Global Childhood Education With Launch of Ecommerce Site Live the Give

DALLAS, July 30, 2016 – At Live the Give, a new e-retailer of world flag tees, helping end global poverty is the core mission. Company founder and elementary school teacher Najat Murillo has zeroed in on education as the key to solving this age-old problem. Therefore, $3 of each tee will go toward the Global Partnership for Education – an initiative to help fund and raise awareness of the vital role education plays in global society.

"I have always wanted to help children around the world enjoy a better quality of life and a more hopeful future," says Murillo. "I believe the best way to do that is by giving them the opportunity to be in school and by improving the quality of their education. I am determined to spread awareness of the importance of global education and the impact it has on our society."

International organizations like the U.N. agree that education is a fundamental human right, as well as the most effective way to break generational cycles of poverty. Educated citizens earn more income over their lifetime, which boosts economic growth in entire nations. War and political instability are reduced when more citizens have a quality education and can have an impact on their governments. In terms of societal benefits, education has been shown to promote gender equality and the overall wellbeing of children. Providing a quality education for all children is among the best ways to make a difference in our world for the better. As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

With Live the Give, Murillo is working to make a profound difference in the state of global education. The company will donate $3 of each tee to this worthy cause, and work together with other organizations to spread awareness of this issue.

Among Live the Give's most popular items today are its flowy racerback tank tops with a painted flag design that makes for a special gift or a personal keepsake. Shoppers can choose from flags all around the world. Tees come in white or black and in sizes x-small through 2x-large. As of now Live the Give offers a men’s and women’s collection – soon they will be adding a children’s and baby’s collection as well.

In addition to supporting education around the world, Live the Give also believes in helping our environment. All Live the Give products are composed of 100% recycled paper. Shoppers anywhere in the U.S. enjoy $3 flat rate shipping.

About Live the Give

Live the Give is a new ecommerce site on a mission to help every child around the world attain a quality education, and to promote a sense of global citizenship. The company contributes $3 of each tee to the Global Partnership for Education initiative.